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Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean but there are plenty of inspiring organisations and projects promoting social and economic justice and addressing inequality.

NSC and NSCAG (Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group) are the only national organisations in the UK whose main focus is promoting solidarity links between organisations in the UK and Nicaragua.

The Nicaraguan perspective

We are a cooperative and we have benefited from NSC’s exchange programme between Nicaragua and the UK. It is enormously important that we visit Europe and other countries, see where our products are sold so that we can understand how our products are marketed. NSC has organised groups from the UK to visit us to share ideas and experiences. This has been a very positive initiative, because we get to know and understand each other, see our different visions and share our common goals.

Fatima Ismael, UCA SOPPEXCCA

Fairtrade coffee producer Norma Gadea Paiva in Brighton
with Caroline Lucas, MP and NSC board member Carmen Barreda


The UK perspective

In Nicaragua I was able to experience what life is like at the other end of the consumer chain, and witness how important it is that we in the North at least pay a fair price for the products we consume. I am more committed than ever to promoting fair trade. I believe it is a real opportunity to challenge the vast inequalities that exist in the world between the rich and the poor.

Participant in NSC fair trade study tour to Nicaragua

NSC does not receive grants or trust funding - or only extremely rarely. We are completely dependent on affiliation, donations and our own fundraising activities.