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Nicaraguan elections: why the Sandinistas won so overwhelmingly

NSC works in solidarity with Nicaraguan organisations and social movements fighting for social and economic justice by promoting and seeking support for their activities in the UK.

Wales NSC and 13 groups in England have twinning links or provide support for their partner organisations in Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan perspectives on Climate Change Conference (COP23)

Patrica Espinoza, Executive Secretary, UN Framework on Climate Change, Dr Paul Oquist, lead Nicaraguan delegate to COP23, Maria Espinoza, leader of G77 and China

In December, 2015 Nicaragua refused to sign the Paris Agreement on the grounds that far more drastic action was crucial - particularly on the part... read more

Nicaragua: A model for the world in the shift to green energy

In 2007, only 25% of Nicaragua’s energy came from renewable sources. By 2014 this had increased to 52% in what ... read more

Municipal elections this Sunday 5 November

Nicaraguan voters in 153 municipalities go to the polls this Sunday to elect mayors, deputy mayors and councillors. Nine political parties are contesting the elections. According... read more

Paris Climate Agreement: the US out, Nicaragua in

52% of Nicaragua's energy supplies are from renewables

While Donald Trump gives the appearance of wavering over his decision to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Nicaragua signed... read more

NICA Act passed by US House of Representatives

US House of Representatives

‘Irrational, offensive, harmful to the human rights of Nicaraguans, and a violation of Nicaragua’s sovereignty’ was the Nicaraguan government’s reaction. On 3 October, the US House... read more

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Murals of revolutionary Nicaragua live on today

Mural depicting the history of Nicaragua, Ministry of Education, Managua

Murals of revolutionary Nicaragua live on today John Kotula, US artist and writer who lives in Managua, describes the remarkable artistic phenomena of... read more

Nicaragua, Climate Change and Fair Trade

Ripe coffee berries

“Every cup of Fair Trade coffee you drink contributes to protecting a forest” The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign’s briefing looks at the effects of climate... read more

Unusual, political & witty things for sale in our website shop

Poster Peace & Justice Calendar

Do your solidarity and fair trade shopping here. We sell Spanish-English Christmas cards, wonderful calendars, humorous & political t-shirts, Jeremy Corbyn mugs & fridge... read more

Learn Spanish with a Latin American flavour at NSC

Classes start on MONDAY JANUARY 8th or 15th and the term will be 12 weeks.Beginners or Beginners Plus (tbc) 5.30pm – 6.30 pmBeginners... read more

Latin America Conference 2017 – Adelante

Latin America 2017 – Adelante Conference Saturday 2 December, 10am Congress House, Great Russell St, London WC1B 3LS £10/£8 in advance, £12/£10 on the door. The Trump... read more

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