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Nicaraguan elections: why the Sandinistas won so overwhelmingly

NSC works in solidarity with Nicaraguan organisations and social movements fighting for social and economic justice by promoting and seeking support for their activities in the UK.

Wales NSC and 13 groups in England have twinning links or provide support for their partner organisations in Nicaragua.

Increased social spending in 2016 budget

On 19 October, Treasury Minister Ivan Acosta presented the government’s proposed 2016 budget to the National Assembly. He explained that the budget retains as its... read more

Nicaragua calls for UN 're-invention'

Vice President Omar Halleslevens read President Daniel Ortega’s speech at the 70th United Nations General Assembly. Ortega’s message called for the re-invention of the UN... read more

Turning plastic bags into biofuel in Managua

The Managua City Council has unanimously approved a 30 year concession to W2E Eco Energy-Nicaragua. The company will invest US$17 million to build a plastic... read more

Ground breaking research into causes of Chronic Kidney Disease (C

Nicaraguan sugarcane worker

Repeated heat stress and dehydration are the principal causes of CKDnT according to a Worker Health and Efficiency research programme facilitated by http://laislafoundation.org/ This disease... read more

Developed countries should contribute 05percent GDP climate fund

Paul Oquist, Nicaraguan representative to climate change conference

At a ministerial Climate Change consultation meeting in Paris on 20/21 July, Nicaraguan representative Paul Oquist proposed that all developed countries should contribute .05% of... read more

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Nicaragua deputy foreign minister at Latin America Conference

Nicaraguan deputy foreign minister Valdrack Jaenstke, speaking at Latin America conference 2014

Saturday, November 28 November, 10am - 5pm, Congress House, Great Russell St, London WC1B 3LS This year's Latin America Conference brings together political leaders, trade... read more

Nicaragua Now Issue 5 Autumn 2015

The magazine of UK-Nicaragua solidarity *The benefits and risks of Nicaragua’s inter-oceanic canal. * What has happened with property claims and reparations related to the... read more

Run the 2016 LONDON MARATHON to help our medical container appeal

Nicaraguan health worker dispensing medicines

If you would like to run the marathon for Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign then please read on. We are a tiny organisation and sometimes find it... read more

ALBA: fair trade and solidarity not 'free trade'

Millions of people around the world are protesting against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership TTIP http://www.waronwant.org/ttip and against the TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement).... read more

Fairtrade,climate change, gender equality

Fatima Ismael, front row third from right, with other participants at the International Fairtrade Cities Conference,Bristol

‘We have to continue on this path with fair trade activists and fair trade farmers working hand in hand …many thanks for all the work... read more

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