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Nicaraguan elections: why the Sandinistas won so overwhelmingly

NSC works in solidarity with Nicaraguan organisations and social movements fighting for social and economic justice by promoting and seeking support for their activities in the UK.

Wales NSC and 13 groups in England have twinning links or provide support for their partner organisations in Nicaragua.

30 March 2015
G77, China, Latin America deplore US threats against Venezuela


On 9 March, in an ominous escalation of aggression against Venezuela, President Barack Obama issued An Executive Order declaring that the “policies and actions of... read more

20 March 2015
ALBA alliance denounces US aggression against Venezuela

Alba emergency summit Caracas, 17 March,2015

Heads of state of the eleven member Alba alliance met on 17 March to discuss the rapidly escalating aggression by the US against Venezuela. On... read more

16 March 2015
Latin American condemnation of US sanctions against Venezuela

Venezuelan President Maduro at rally in Managua, 16 March

‘Only the unity of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean will give us the strength to defend peace and sovereignty’. Nicaraguan President Daniel... read more

14 February 2015
Nicaragua's canal:will the benefits outweigh the risks

Triple-E container ship under construction in South Korea. At 400 metres long, it is too large to pass through the Panama Canal

On 22 December, the Nicaraguan government and Hong Kong Nicaragua Development Consortium (HKND), the company that holds the canal concession, held a symbolic event... read more

3 February 2015
Investing in health care: the example of Nicaragua

In sharp contrast to austerity-ridden UK, since returning to power in 2007, the Sandinista government has tripled spending on health care. The Wales... read more

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30 March 2015
Latin American Spanish classes start Monday May 11th

Classes start on MONDAY May 11th and the term will be 12 weeks. There will be no class on the end of May bank holiday.... read more

30 March 2015
Circus Time Once More

Perfomers Without Borders at the Santa Rosa School, Managua

Performers Without Borders (PWB) bring social circus project to Nicaragua for the third year. They’re back! Once more PWB are in Nicaragua delighting, entertaining and training... read more

27 March 2015
UK-Nicaragua solidarity: past, present and future

Nicaraguan giant & NSC activists take message of support from Nicaraguan trade unions to TUC march, October,2014

Saturday, 16 May, 10am - 5.00pm, Conway Hall, Red Lion Sq, London WC1R 4RL (Holborn) £6/£3 waged Tens of thousands of people from around the... read more

23 March 2015
Celebrating solidarity with Nicaraguan women,12 April

Join us in celebrating solidarity with Nicaraguan Women, Sunday, 12 April 2-5pm... read more

20 March 2015
US intervention & destabilisation in Venezuela:lessons of Chile &

Tuesday 31 March, 6.30pm, US Intervention and Destabilisation in Venezuela: lessons of Chile and Nicaragua, Unite House, 128 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8TN. Speakers: Marcos... read more

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