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Nicaraguan elections: why the Sandinistas won so overwhelmingly

NSC works in solidarity with Nicaraguan organisations and social movements fighting for social and economic justice by promoting and seeking support for their activities in the UK.

Wales NSC and 13 groups in England have twinning links or provide support for their partner organisations in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua’s coronavirus preparations

Preventative education programmes are being implemented in schools

Officials from the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) have praised Nicaragua’s preparations to prevent, contain and treat coronavirus cases. While no cases have been registered... read more

Renowned Nicaraguan poet and priest Ernesto Cardenal dies aged 95

Pope John 11 admonishes Father Cardenal for refusing to give up his involvement in politics, 1983

‘We come from the stars, and to them we shall return.’ Ernesto Cardenal Three days of national mourning have been declared by the... read more

The Nicaraguan deaf children who invented a new language

Alma Castillo, a student of Nicaraguan sign language

In the 1980s deaf children in Nicaragua invented a completely new sign language of their own. This remarkable achievement allowed experts a unique insight into... read more

Nicaragua ranked 5th in the world in gender parity

For the past 14 years, the World Economic Forum has published the Global Gender Gap Report, measuring gender parity. Their 2019 report benchmarks 153 countries... read more

Agroecology and food sovereignty: the next generation

Graduation of students from IALA, the Latin America Agroecology Institute in Nicaragua

On 23 November, in the stunning grounds of the Instituto Agroecologico Latinoamericano (IALA) surrounded by forest, the graduation ceremony took place of its... read more

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Nicaragua organic Fairtrade coffee farmer visits London

Gloria visiting the cafe at law firm Freshfields where SOPPEXCCA coffee is sold

Nicaraguan Fairtrade coffee farmer Gloria Talavera visited London 20 – 22 February as a guest of the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign. Gloria belongs to the Union... read more

Events in Bristol, Liverpool, London, Norwich, Oxford

Highlights include Fairtrade events, film showings, talks on Nicaragua/Latin America, a performance of the Nicaraguan Misa Campesina, and a vitual music and arts exchange between... read more

What does Fairtrade mean for small scale farmers?

Fairtrade means more resources to empower women and promote gender equality

Nicaraguan Fairtrade coffee producer Gloria Talavera González will be visiting London 20 – 22 February as a guest of the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign. Gloria will... read more

British mercenaries who trained the contra

The Iran Contra scandal, using funds from illegal arms sales to Iran to fund an illegal war against Nicaragua

NEW BOOK 'Keenie Meenie: the British Mercenaries who got away with war crimes' by Phil Miller published by Pluto Press ‘Like its mysterious name, Keenie... read more


Fairtrade coffee producer Gloria Talavera

FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT 24 February – 8 March Fairtrade coffee... read more

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