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Magazines, Reports and a Mass Publications from 1990 to 1999
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Poetry books are marked . Many are bilingual – a useful way to improve your Spanish! Any reference to the FSLN is to the Sandinista National Liberation Front who overthrew the Somoza dictatorship in 1979.

Publications 1990 - 1999.  Prices include postage & packing.


Afar I See the Day is Coming
Ben Gregory (1998). Excellent book on the history both of Nicaragua and of solidarity between Wales (and England) and Nicaragua. Photos on each of the 112 pages.
Carlos, Now the Dawn’s No Fond Illusion
Tomas Borge (Katabasis 1996). Translated by Dinah Livingstone. Written in memory of Carlos Fonseca while Borge was in prison in 1977, this personal account graphically describes the birth and struggles of the FSLN and the inspiration of Carlos Fonseca. Bilingual with illustrations.
Children’s Mural Workshops
(The Children’s Mural Workshops 1999). Practical, heart-warming account of the mural workshops in Esteli, Nicaragua, which began in 1987 in the Sandinista period and continue in a completely different context today. A major emphasis is on raising self-esteem and giving a positive message about Nicaragua’s past and future. Bilingual with colour and black and white images. PLEASE SEARCH THE INTERNET.
Joseph O’Connor (Flamingo 1995). Internationalist novel set in the time of Nicaragua’s contra war and written by award-winning author. A must for anyone who has been to Nicaragua and/or loves a moving and gripping read.
Deterring Democracy
Noam Chomsky (Vintage 1991). Examines US foreign policy objectives with respect to the Sandinista’s defeat in Nicaragua, the military intervention in the Gulf and the invasion of Panama.
  The Doubtful Strait
Ernesto Cardenal (Indiana University Press 1995). Translated by John Lyons. This long poem, incorporating large chunks from historical sources, is Cardenal’s history of the conquest of Nicaragua. With contemporary descriptions of the country and its wildlife, this is a beautiful work. Bilingual.
  Golden UFOs
Ernesto Cardenal (Indiana University Press 1992). Interweaving myth, history and contemporary reality, this book takes on an epic quality. This bilingual edition is the only complete collection of Cardenal’s Indian poems in either Spanish or English.  Very hard to find.
  Life for Each
Daisy Zamora (Katabasis 1994). Translated by Dinah Livingstone. Zamora was a Sandinista combatant, then Vice-Minister for Culture. The poems reflect her involvement in politics, her human warmth and a passionate personal world. Bilingual.
The Murals of Revolutionary Nicaragua
David Kunzle (University of California 1995). Glossy, informative, large format book with 100 colour and 300 black and white illustrations. An essential record given the fact that many of these murals have now been destroyed despite world-wide protest.
Nicaragua in Focus
Hazel Plunkett (LAB 1999). Recommended overview covering history, politics, economy, environment, culture and tourism. Plenty of illustrations.
Nicaragua: A Decade of Revolution
Lou Dematteis & Chris Vail, eds (Norton 1990). A must-have book. Large format with unprecedented collection of photos (b & w) text and chronology from 1979 to 1990.
No Other Reality Special NSC price
Patricia Daniel (CAM 1998). Fascinating story of Nora Astorga: Sandinista guerrilla, mother and Nicaraguan representative to the UN. Beautiful cover too.
  Nosotras: Poems by Nicaraguan Women
(NSC 1999). Anyone who remembers or who is aware of the events of 1978 to 1985 will be particularly touched by these poems. Bilingual booklet translated by Dinah Livingstone.
  Poets of the Nicaraguan Revolution
Translated by Dinah Livingstone (Katabasis 1993). Major bilingual anthology with works by 36 poets. Fascinating introduction plus detailed chronology of the history of Nicaragua and the poets’ lives.
Women and Revolution in Nicaragua .
Helen Collinson, ed. (Zed 1990). Comprehensive book covering women and the family, law, work, Atlantic (Caribbean) Coast and much more. Analyses FSLN policy and the impact of the war and US interference. A classic.

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