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. Many are bilingual – a useful way to improve your Spanish! Any reference to the FSLN is to the Sandinista National Liberation Front who overthrew the Somoza dictatorship in 1979..

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Nicaragua – A Revolution Under Seige
Richard Harris and Carlos Vilas, eds. (Zed 1985). An evaluation of the first five years of the revolution by Latin American and US journalists and scholars.
Nicaragua – the Sandinista People’s Revolution
(Pathfinder 1985). Speeches and writings by Sandinista leaders.
The Nicaraguan Epic
Carlos and Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy and Julio Valle Castillo (Katabasis 1989). Translated by Dinah Livingstone. The Epic tells in songs and poems the story of the Nicaraguan Revolution, beginning in 1927 with Sandino’s ‘crazy little army’ and ending with the Triumph on July 19th 1979. Bilingual edition with photographs.
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Nicaraguan New Time
Ernesto Cardenal (Journeyman Press 1988). Translated by Dinah Livingstone. Prophetic pre-revolutionary poems followed by those depicting the excitement and promise of the post-insurrection period. Illustrated.
A Special Place in History
Jane Freeland (NSC 1988). Excellent study of the history of Nicaragua’s Atlantic (Caribbean) Coast, its peoples, languages and the autonomy process. Not many people know that this area was once a British Protectorate and that many costeños speak English…Illustrated.

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