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Photos above show La Yuma and The Naked Screen, DVDs of films by Florence Jaugey, plus Rough Guide to Palestine CD

CDs  in alpha order . DVDs follow.
Casa de Trova Cuba 50s. Lilting groove in the manner of Buena Vista Social Club by Alejandro Almenares. Two CD set. Price includes post & packing. £11.50
Chimes of Freedom: the songs of Bob Dylan. 4 CD Box set with covers by 80 musicians including Sinead O'Connor, Queens of the Stone Age, Patti Smith, Pete Townshend & Billy Bragg. A snip at £15. Price includes post & packing. £15.00
Guitarra Armada. Revolutionary songs CD by Carlos Mejia and Luis Enrique Godoy from Nicaragua. Comes with bi-lingual word sheet. Price includes post & packing. £12.50
La Misa Campesina CD with bi-lingual booklet. This mass, recorded in Nicaragua, was written by Carlos Mejia Godoy and the words translated by Dinah Livingstone. The mass expresses the commitment of Nicaraguan Christians to the principles of the Sandinista Revolution. A good example of Liberation Theology. Price includes post & packing. £16.50
Sandinista. The Clash. Need I say more? 1980, 150 minutes, 58 tracks. Price includes post & packing. £11.50
Tiger Run. Sally Nyolo's West African songs: rich with vibrant percussion, sometimes silky smooth, sometimes funky. Price includes post & packing.
SPECIAL OFFER £10. Price will be shown at the Add to Basket stage.
The Rough Guide to the Music of Palestine. Two CDs of music ranging from traditional to contemporary urban.  Price includes post & packing.
See also the Palestinian soap gift set (see menu at top of page)
ZubopGambia. Zubop's worldbeat jazz/township/reggae/latin with impassioned Gambian voices and instruments. Excellent. £12.50
DVDs, some with subtitles.  
American Sandinista DVD. Inspiring documentary about Ben Linder, killed by contras in Nicaragua in the '80s. Archival footage, still photography and contemporary interviews. In Spanish with sub-titles. Go online to n/a
Abel DVD. Mexican boy stops speaking when his father leaves. Drama with comic moments. In Spanish with subtitles.  Price includes post & packing. £10.50

At Home, in Bed and in the Streets DVD (En la Casa, la Cama Y la Calle) . This inspiring documentary made by Liz Miller tells the story of how Nicaraguan women’s rights group Puntos de Encuentro powerfully combines prime-time TV dramas with community organising to end sexual violence. 2013, 35 minutes. Price includes post & packing.

Bombón El Perro DVD. Gently humorous Argentinean film about a man and a dog. Marvellous landscapes. In Spanish with subtitles. Price includes post & packing. £10.50
Carla's Song DVD. Ken Loach film set in Glasgow and Nicaragua at the time of the 1980s contra war. Some very funny, some very grim moments. In English and Spanish with subtitles. Price includes post & packing. £12.50
Coffee - Take It Fairly DVD.
Three women fairtrade coffee producers from the community of Los Alpes, northern Nicaragua, describe with great pride their families, their farms and the difference that fairtrade has made to their lives. Produced by Anita Sandhu & Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign 2006 25 min. Price includes post & packing.
Gloria DVD. Joyful and thought-provoking story of an older free-spirited Chilean woman looking for a relationship. In Spanish with sub-titles. Price includes post & packing. £11.50
La Yuma DVD. Prize-winning film (92 mins) which tells the story of Yuma, a rebellious young woman from a poor neighbourhood in Managua who dreams of becoming a boxer. Unusual story lines, wide range of characters, some humour & good music.  In Spanish with sub-titles. Price includes post & packing. £12.50
The Motorcycle Diaries DVD. Based on Che Guevara's trip with wonderful landscapes, humour, courage and inspiration. In Spanish with sub-titles. Price includes post & packing. £10.50
The Naked Screen DVD. Prize-winning film by the director of La Yuma (above). Filmed in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, the story of a couple whose intimate relationship is made public on social media. In Spanish with sub-titles. Price includes post & packing. £12.50
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia DVD. Beautifully shot; not the murder mystery it seems to be.In Turkish with sub-titles. Price includes post & packing. £12.50
Our America  / Unser Amerika DVD. Fascinating documentary (2006) including footage of Nicaragua at the time of the Revolution. View in English, Spanish or German. Price includes post & packing. £12.50
Patagonia DVD. Set in Wales & Patagonia with unusual storylines & history, great landscapes & music. A lovely film. In Welsh & Spanish with subtitles. Price includes post & packing. £10.50
7 Days in Havana DVD. 7 short films by different directors. Moving, amusing, surprising. Cuban music features highly. In Spanish with sub-titles. Price includes post & packing. £12.50
The Spirit of '45 DVD. Inspirational Ken Loach documentary using fascinating archive footage and contemporary interviews. Price includes post & packing. £10.50
Young, Nicaraguan and  Organised DVD. This  exciting short film made for NSCAG includes interviews with leading  Nicaraguan  trade unionists and emerging young trade unionists, many of whom  work on the streets of Managua. Perfect for meetings of local groups, trade union branches and regions etc. Price includes post & packing. £10.50

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