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Managua on high alert after series of earthquakes

Nicaragua Dispatch | Monday, 14 April 2014 | Click here for original article

Liz Light, the NSC representative in Nicaragua, reports that since 13 April Managua has been on high alert. There have been hundreds of tremors in addition to the 6.2 quake on 10 April, 6.6 on 11 April and 5.1 on 13 April. Experts are warning that the earthquakes have reactivated old fault lines under Managua including the one that destroyed that centre of the city in 1972. An additional concern is the possibility that the Pacific Coast chain of volcanoes could be reactivated.

Managua is precariously situated at the intersection of five major fault lines. The 1972 earthquake claimed 10,000 lives, destroyed 50,000 houses and displaced half the city’s population.