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CELAC and 2014 elections likely to consolidate regional integration

News from Nicaragua | Monday, 13 January 2014 | Click here for original article

Tortillaconsal reports on elections taking place in Latin America this year that are likely to consolidate support for governments and political movements committed to regional integration and further distancing from the US.

  • February 2 – Presidential elections – El Salvador and Costa Rica
  • March 9 – Legislative – Colombia
  • March 9 – Presidential runoff – El Salvador
  • May 16 – Legislative – Dominican Republic
  • May 25 – Presidential (1st round) – Colombia
  • May – Presidential and legislative – Panama
  • June 15 – Presidential (2nd round) – Colombia
  • October 5 – Presidential – Brazil
  • October 26 – Presidential (1st round) – Uruguay
  • November 30 – Presidential (2nd round) – Uruguay
  • December – General – Bolivia

In addition, from 25 – 29 January, Cuba will be hosting the summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). Set up in 2011, CELAC includes 33 countries of the region but excludes the US and Canada. Cuba has used its presidency to bring other blocs and nations — including Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and the Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf Nations — closer to CELAC, and organized sectorial meetings on education, healthcare, poverty eradication, nuclear disarmament, illiteracy, migration, cooperation, science and technology, risk management and disasters, energy, family agriculture, youth employment, and preferential import duty arrangements.

As Tortillaconsal points out ‘The fact that, even five years ago, the concept [of CELAC] would have seemed impossible shows the rapid pace of change in Latin America and the Caribbean. The 2014 regional cycle of elections is likely to deepen that change and further confirm people's embrace of the solidarity based vision of human development which has successfully transformed Latin America over the last decade.’