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Agroecology and food sovereignty: the next generation

Alliance for Global Justice: Nicanotes | Tuesday, 10 December 2019 | Origional source: https://afgj.org/nicanotes-food-sovereignty-takes-a-leap-forward

Graduation of students from IALA, the Latin America Agroecology Institute in Nicaragua

Graduation of students from IALA, the Latin America Agroecology Institute in Nicaragua

On 23 November, in the stunning grounds of the Instituto Agroecologico Latinoamericano (IALA) surrounded by forest, the graduation ceremony took place of its first cohort of students.   

At the end of a two year course the students from  campesino/as organisations in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic received diplomas in agroecology.

In interviews the  students  commented on what they had learnt about the power of sharing, of friendships, comradeship, bonds of solidarity – ‘what’s mine is yours’ - and the recovery of  campesino culture and identity.

Others stressed what they had learnt about agroecology, sovereignty, social and political organising, and their love for the land.

A common theme was the feeling of determination to return to their own organisations and communities with a different perspective, commitment and vision to share with others.

These diverse bonds of solidarity that  IALA encapsulates were represented at the graduation ceremony by the attendance and solidarity messages from solidarity and food sovereignty organisations in the US and across the region.  The importance of Latin America campesino unity was symbolised in the flags of all Latin America countries, a manifestation of political and practical solidarity.

Among those attending and given special recognition by the Edgardo Garcia, general secretary of the Rural Workers Association (ATC) was Brian Willson, the well-known US solidarity activist who lost his legs while attempting to stop a train of arms to Central America in the 1980s.

NSC sent a message of warm congratulations to the students who form part of the next generation of campesino activists contributing to the struggle to build a better world based on social, political and environmental justice.

Further information: https://afgj.org/nicanotes-food-sovereignty-takes-a-leap-forward