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Agroecology,climate justice, the Nicaraguan example, Public event

NSC News | Monday, 21 October 2019 |

“We must address the root cause of our environmental crisis: the endless, limitless, mindless accumulation and concentration of capital on a planet with limited resources.” Dr Paul Oquist, Nicaraguan Minister for Public Policy

Tuesday, 19 November, 7pm, Highgate Library Civic and Cultural Centre. Chester Rd, Highgate, London N19 5DH (Tube Archway, no 11 bus) Free entry

Small-scale producers in Nicaragua are among the tens of millions of people globally already directly affected by unpredictable weather extremes.

The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign (NSC) works in solidarity with the Rural Workers Association (ATC), an organisation representing Nicaraguan campesinos/as and a founding member of La Via Campesina, the global food sovereignty movement.

Brittany Oakes and Helen Yuill, NSC, will explain how campesino/as are confronting the climate crisis and industrial food production through developing agroecological farming and food sovereignty.

At this event we will launch NSC's programme of solidarity with the ATC which will include developing links with UK organisations with common interests in agroecology, food sovereignty and climate justice. In early 2020 we will be organising a speaker tour of the UK by a representative of the ATC.

Nicaraguan food and drinks for sale

Organised by Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

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