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Nicaragua celebrates 40 years Sandinista Revolution

News from Nicaragua | Sunday, 21 July 2019 |

On 19 July NSC and NSCAG activists took part in a huge celebration in
Managua of the 40th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution with other
internationalistas from over 40 countries.

Hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans packed into the Plaza de Fe with thousands
more celebrating in nearby streets unable to reach the Plaza having spent
many hours in traffic jams on the way to Managua.

The spirit of the event,with speeches interspersed with revolutionary
music old and new, reflected the strength of unity that has characterised the FSLN
following the failed coup of 2018.

President Daniel Ortega, Vice president Rosario Murillo, the vice
presidents of Cuba and Venezuela, and Catholic priest Father Antonio
Castro all stressed the critical importance of peace, not just in the
sense of an absence of war but that of also building a social based on
social and economy justice and the eradication of poverty.

All speakers condemned US imposed sanctions against Nicaragua and all oher
forms of sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela and Iran, sanctions that only
serve to further impoverish those already impoverished.