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Ten reasons to visit Nicaragua on an agroecology delegation!

NSC News | Friday, 3 May 2019 |

Agroecology students with Friends of ATC delegation in Managua, January, 2019

Agroecology students with Friends of ATC delegation in Managua, January, 2019

11 – 21 July!

Deadline for registrations: 15 May

Meet historic social movement leaders in the Rural Workers Association (ATC), one of the organisation that accompanied the 1980s agrarian reform, 1990s peace and reconciliation process, and helped found the international peasant movement La Via Campesina. https://viacampesina.org/en/

Meet young and emerging social movement leaders studying at the Latin American Institute of Agroecology (IALA). https://www.facebook.com/ialamesoamerica

Learn how peasant organisations and government programmes have promoted local agriculture, especially led by women, enabling Nicaragua to be self-sufficient in beans, corn, beef, milk, and many vegetables.

Find out how climate change is affecting the lives of rural communities

Share and gain an understanding of the realities of life in rural Nicaragua by staying with host families.

Experience Nicaragua for yourself, a year after the country defeated a U.S sponsored coup attempt

Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution by joining tens of thousands of Nicaraguans in the Plaza de la Fe on July 19th!

Tour historic and cultural sites in Managua, like the Plaza of the Revolution and the Salvador Allende Port, with expert guides.

Meet and share ideas and inspiration with solidarity and agroecology activists not only from Nicaragua but also from the US and Canada.

Work with other participants to help to build international solidarity with the ATC and the Latin America Institute of Agroecology

Costs: US$ 1,500 (U$ 1,000 concessions) covers all in-country costs except personal expenses

Organised by Friends of the ATC in conjunction with the ATC and La Via Campesina Nicaragua and supported by the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign



Further information about the delegation: https://friendsatc.org/delegations/

To join our delegation, please email erikatakeo.atc@gmail.com for an application.