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Nicaragua, 5th place in the world in gender equality

News from Nicaragua | Friday, 21 December 2018 |

Nicaraguan women trade unionists celebrated International Women's Day

Nicaraguan women trade unionists celebrated International Women's Day

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) global gender gap report 2018, Nicaragua is the highest ranked country in the Americas in terms of gender equality with fifth position. 


The WEF annual reports, this year based on information from 149 countries, are a bench mark for capturing the magnitude of gender based disparities and tracking their progress. Countries are ranked according to economic participation and opportunity; educational attainment; health and survival; and political empowerment.

The highest ranked country globally is Iceland; the UK is in 15th position.

Particularly noteworthy is Nicaragua’s second position on political empowerment, and first position in terms of the ratio of women in ministerial positions. This is a result of a 50-50 law that mandates gender equality in party candidate lists for elections.

Nicaragua is ranked first on the criteria of health and survival, a testimony to the success of government health care programmes.