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NSC news: Two Nicaraguan women to visit the UK

NSC News | Friday, 2 November 2018 |

Dr Florence Levy will be a keynote speaker at Latin America conference 1 December

Dr Florence Levy will be a keynote speaker at Latin America conference 1 December

Opportunities to find out first hand what’s happening in Nicaragua

In November/December, Nicaraguan National Assembly member, doctor, and trade unionist Dr Florence Levy will be one of the key note speakers at this year’s annual Latin America Adelante Conference in London on 1 December https://latinamericaconference.wordpress.com/

Florence is from the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and plays a key role on the National Assembly as the President of the Commission for Indigenous Peoples, Afro descendants and autonomy issues.

As well as speaking at the Conference Florence will also be doing a speaker tour organised by NSCAG. Further information: Louise at nscag@nicaraguasc.org.uk

Fair Trade coffee farmer and representative of the co-operative union SOPPEXCCA, Junieth Leiva, has been invited to the UK by the Bristol Link with Nicaragua (BLINC) from 21 February until 10 March. During this time she will take part in visits and talks with schools, universities and businesses in Bristol and Bath to celebrate Fairtrade Trade Fortnight. Junieth will also be visiting London. Further information https://bristolnicaragua.wordpress.com/

For Junieth’s perspective on the situation in Nicaragua and how the impact of the attempted coup on her community see http://www.nicaraguasc.org.uk/news/article/313/attempted-coup:-a-fair-trade-coffee-producer%E2%80%99s-perspective

NSC solidarity with the Social Economy Council (CONAPADES)

73% of Nicaragua’s working population is employed in this sector, now represented by the newly formed CONAPADES. They include self-employed workers such as street sellers represented through their trade union, the CTCP; agricultural, transport, fishing, and craft co-operatives; and small and medium businesses represented through their organisation CONAMIPIYME.

These organisations developed and expanded as a result of social programmes and political and economic support from the government including the setting up of a government ministry responsible for training and enabling them to market their products.

Most of the 120,000 people who have lost their jobs due to the violence related to the attempted coup and the economic downturn were employed in the social economy. This has left those already profoundly impoverished struggling to meet their basic needs, particularly women.

For this reason support for the reactivation of this sector is critical.

NSC has contracted a Nicaraguan film maker to interview and produce video clips with representatives of the organisations involved which we will publish over the coming months. See NSC website http://www.nicaraguasc.org.uk

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