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Poll shows Nicaraguans overwhelmingly reject external threats

News from Nicaragua | Monday, 26 March 2018 |

In light of the threat of US imposed sanctions on Nicaragua through the NICA Act, polling organisation M&R consultores carried out a poll entitled ‘The Perspective of Nicaraguans on the International Situation.”

The poll of a representative sample of 1,600 people was carried out between 6th and 15th March.

The findings demonstrate an overwhelming rejection of the interference of foreign governments in the Nicaragua’s internal affairs (83%) and an even stronger rejection of the NICA Act (only 1.6% of responses indicated they would be happy if the NICA Act is approved.)

Other key findings are:

* 95.6% support Nicaragua’s right to self-determination including the right to have relations with any country it choses.

* 88.6% reject US policies that would stop international lending institutions financing Nicaraguan development and infrastructure projects.

* 85.6% considered the NICA Act would have negative effects on democracy and economy of Nicaragua and would affect all Nicaraguans not only the government.

* 88.1% support the dialogue process and agreement between Nicaragua and the Organisation of American States. This includes strong support for the recommendation of the OAS observer mission to the municipal elections in November 2017 for the strengthening of electoral processes.

*Contrary to the opinions of members of the US Congress and Senate, 81% believe the Nicaraguan government is democratic and there is freedom of expression.

Full version of the M&R consultores poll is available on http://tortillaconsal.com/tortilla/node/2345