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Forty years of solidarity with Nicaragua

NSC News | Tuesday, 13 February 2018 |

NSC turns 40! Ways in which you can get involved!

In September 1978, way back in the mists of the last period of the Cold War, a small solidarity group with Nicaragua was set up in London to organise a speaker tour by a representative of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN. This was at a time when fighting intensified in Nicaragua, leading to the overthrow of the Somoza dictatorship by the Sandinistas on 19 July 1979.

Since these modest beginnings, thousands of people around the country have been involved in hundreds of different ways contributing to solidarity with those in Nicaragua fighting to overcome poverty and promoting social and economic justice.  

Forty years on it’s time to celebrate everything we have achieved in solidarity with our Nicaraguan partner organisations!

Key 40th anniversary activities and how to get involved

  • SAVE THE DATE! Our 40th Anniversary celebration, 29 September, only 2 minutes’ walk from Waterloo station in London. 10am – 5pm. This will be our main celebration event and will include music, an exhibition, Nicaraguan food, festive drinks and cake, displays of solidarity materials, a guest speaker from Nicaragua and speakers/panel discussion with those involved in our work over the last four decades. Details to follow.
  • Contribute to our solidarity stories project: throughout the year we will be collecting solidarity stories, quotes, and images from people/organisations we have worked with in Nicaragua and in the UK who have contributed to NSC’s work.

Some ideas of ways in which you could contribute:

*If you have been to Nicaragua, what motivated you to visit?

* What do you feel you contributed? What did you learn from the experience? Did your perspective on life change as a result? If so, how?

* What does the word 'solidarity' mean to you?

* If you haven’t been to Nicaragua, what motivated you to take an interest in the country?

How  to contribute:

* Send us a solidarity story with some images: preferably no longer than 500 words  and a few images OR alternatively a photo story with some text

*Describe an incident or send a quote about something that happened while you were in Nicaragua or involved in solidarity work when you came back that you feel sums up your experience

* Send us copies of articles (published or unpublished) that you wrote about your visit to Nicaragua

*If you would prefer to be interviewed either in person or by phone or skype let us know and we’ll try and sort out a convenient time.

How we are planning to use the materials:

*We will be setting up a page on our website for solidarity stories and will also post them on social media

*The June issue of Nicaragua Now will be a special 40th anniversary issue – we will include an edited selection of the stories.

* We have archive materials of our history in our office and also stored in the People’s History Museum in Manchester.  We will add the solidarity stories to our archive. In 2019 we are hoping to secure a grant to set up an online archive of some of our materials.

Please send your contributions or ideas as to how you would like to contribute to campaigns@nicaraguasc.org.uk