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Nicaragua to sign up to Paris Agreement further isolating US

News from Nicaragua | Friday, 22 September 2017 |

Solar power plant, Diriamba. Nicaragua aims for 90% renewables by 2020.

Solar power plant, Diriamba. Nicaragua aims for 90% renewables by 2020.

President Daniel Ortega has announced that Nicaragua will sign up to the Paris Climate Agreement, a move that further isolates Trump’s position of withdrawal.

Nicaragua refused to sign the 2015 Accord warning of the inadequacies of an agreement that ‘will not solve the problems caused by global warming but simply pass them on to future generations. ‘

Dr Paul Oquist, Nicaragua’s chief negotiator in Paris, stated that Nicaragua did not want to be complicit in signing up to an accord that actually projects an average three-degree increase in average global temperatures that would have ‘catastrophic and unacceptable’ consequences.

Nicaragua also argued the lack commitment on the part of the largest polluters to contributing to an adaptation fund and unfairness of impoverished, developing nations being held to the same environmental standards as wealthier, historically high polluters.

However, in the light of the US withdrawal, President Ortega announced that Nicaragua will sign the Agreement in solidarity with other nations, particularly small, vulnerable island states. At the same time he reaffirmed Nicaragua’s criticisms of the inadequacies of the Agreement.

President Ortega stated: "We have to be in solidarity with the large number of countries that are already the victims and will continue to suffer the impact of disasters, the highly vulnerable areas of  Africa, Asia, Latin America, of the Caribbean."